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Delight in your Senses, Sexuality, and Spirit the way your Creator intended

If you're coming from a religious background or are steeped in Western culture then you've likely been taught that your body is wrong.  It's lazy, weak, and likely to fall into temptations like sexual pleasure or delicious foods.  This belief holds us back from fully connecting with ourselves, others, and Spirit.  

I invite you to find your path back to trusting your body, your intuition, and your delight through the following offerings: 



5 months of mentorship to Savor your Senses, Sexuality, and Spirit.


Savor is for women and men who are ready to let go of common sexual, spiritual, and sensual concerns of people who come from religious backgrounds.  Things like sexual shame, painful sex; lack of desire; fear of one's body and pleasure; or constantly feeling "not good enough." 


This is for individuals who have released fundamentalist values and desire to feel connected to their bodies, the divine, and their pleasure in a shame-free, delight-filled way. 


And God Said It Was Good

My signature course.  8 Weeks to Claim Spiritual Growth and Sexual Freedom.


This course is perfect if you're starting your journey away from Evangelical Christianity or conservative Catholicism. 


It offers sex education to help fill any gaps you may be missing, and goes deeper than the standard public school sex-ed to ensure you feel confident in the bedroom with yourself or a partner. 


It also offers sex-positive reframing for much of Christianity's sex-negative theology, and shares where the sex negative theology really comes from (hint: Greco-Roman philosophy that can be a little out-dated and unrelated to Jesus and the Bible) 



These smaller offerings are perfect for focused intentions.  

Translating Tantra 
offers ways to incorporate tantric practices into a Christian bedroom.

Incarnational Advent is a seasonal offering that helps bring meaning back to Christmas after deconstruction or a expansion of faith.

Pornography Detox debunks the myth of porn addiction and helps you develop a healthy relationship with pornography on your terms.

Quickie Consciouness to Conscious Lover is for men who have sex with women and want to learn how to increase pleasure for both his partner and himself. COMING SOON.

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