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Translating Tantra for Christians

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A 6-week Self-Guided Course


Do you feel like:

...your sexuality and spirituality don't really belong in the same sentence?

...there's something more to sexuality, that you just haven't experienced.

Do you want: your spiritual life to include your body, not exclude it?

...deepen your connection to God and others?

Let me tell you an unlikely conversion story.

When I moved to NYC almost a decade ago, I called myself agnostic.  I didn't believe in God, and definitely didn't believe in Jesus.  Yet, I still had a strange pull toward spirituality.


What pushed me away from God, was a version of Christianity that asked me to isolate myself

     From my body. 

                             From my sensuality. 

                                                              From pleasure.

                                                                                        And from sexuality.

I felt forced to choose.

It was Tantra that allowed me to come back to Christianity.


Tantra taught me, I didn't have to choose. 


And neither do you. 

Your spirituality and sexuality belong in the same sentence.  Your pleasure and your God belong in the same room.  Your body is the pathway toward salvation.


Lucky for you, you don't have to relocate to NYC, go to bunches of workshops, and spend thousands of dollars. I've already done the work of studying with the best Tantra teachers, done the practices, and studied Christian theology with the intention of integrating all of it into a robust take on Sexuality, Sensuality, and Spirituality.

This course, is the culmination of all that work.

At the end of our time together you'll have learned:

  • the core wisdom of Tantra

  • have spiritual, sensual, creative, and communal practices to apply this wisdom

  • have a bigger understanding of Christian spirituality


Unit 1

The basic principles of Tantra and how they relate to Christianity.

Unit 2

The core of Christianity as the Mystical Body of Christ and experiencing Christ in all things, including our bodies.

Unit 3

How Spiritual and Creative practices help us carry Christ consciousness into our sexuality.

Unit 4 

How Sensual/Physical  and Communal/Partnered practices help us carry Christ consciousness into our sexuality.

Unit 5

Could Jesus be considered a Tantrika?  How did he embody the core tantric principles

Unit 6

Seeing God in the other.  Tantric Goddess Puja redefined as a Christian practice.

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