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8 months of communal support

to savor your senses, sexuality, and spirit.

Come home to your body as SOUL

We've been told by our churches, our culture, and society that...

our bodies are a hindrance to our spiritual path

our sexuality and sensual delight endangers our relationship to source

our bodies must be controlled to be healthy, look "good", and be successful

But all of this is misguided.  None of it is true.  And it causes so much pain:


sexual shame, painful sex; lack of desire; fear of one's body and pleasure; not knowing how to talk about pleasure; not knowing how to ask for what you want (in or outside of the bedroom); dieting; working out in ways that damage or overtax our bodies; feeling like we can't wear the clothing we love because it's too provocative; feeling selfish when we get what we want; constantly feeling "not good enough." 

It keeps us from doing the one thing that's at the heart of any spiritual practice:  accepting yourself, as you are, in this moment. 

But, if we come back to our bodies, if we listen to our bodies' desires and delights we find...

The body is our access point to the Divine

Our sensual delights are prayers of gratitude

Our sexuality is a source of Divine power and creativity

The body is Holy

The body is Divine

The body is Soul

Accepting our bodies means accepting ourselves and our souls... 

just as our Creator intended.



I believe that there's a version of yourself who's vibrant, who's sensually and sexually alive, who knows how to give yourself pleasure and how to pleasure others (if you want to).  I believe this version of you is more spiritually connected than you've ever been.  I believe this version of you is free of feeling you have to fit into an institution's idea of "faith" or "purity," and has made peace with the institutions and people who tried to cut you off from the innate sanctity of your body and pleasure.

I believe in this version of you because I've been there too, I found this version of myself, and I've been helping others do the same ever since.  I want to help you find a gentler way to savoring your senses, your body, and your self.

Let's start to Savor.

The Process of Savor

Savor:  (v.) to taste something and enjoy it completely

Ceramic Candle Holder

Savor your Spirit

Savor the innate connection you have with Source.

Get to know what helps you feel that connection most, and what causes you to lose that sense of connection.

Because my MA in Theology and Ministry focused on stages of faith (regardless of someone is religious or not), and as someone who is devoted to my own spiritual journey, I adore helping clients find their own way to feeling connected with what they deem sacred. 

Coffee in Nature

Savor your Senses

Savor your body's delights.


Taking time to slow down and mindfully experience a meal, shower, or a walk is a path that leads to gratitude for this moment.


With a decade of experience as a massage therapist and many more years of studying performing arts, I bring my knowledge and experience of the body to our sessions to help you connect more deeply to your body

Rachel-71 (1).jpg

Savor your Sexuality

Savor your creative potential.

When we feel safe, free, and joyful in our sexuality those feelings spills out in to all aspects of our lives. 

As a Certified Clinical Sexologist, I'm trained to help people with a variety of sexual concerns like low desire, sexual shame or lack of confidence, pre-orgasmia, painful sex, or simply how to have more pleasure.  

Savor Your Self

When you're able to savor your spirit, your senses, and your sexuality, you naturally come to appreciate, delight in, and savor your whole being.  You're able to love and accept who you are, as you are.  

This is the journey of every person's life.  It's what we are most called to do, and no one else can do it for you.  So whether you're feeling challenged spiritually, sexually, or in your embodiment generally, I'd love to be your guide to learning to savor. 

The Specifics

  • 8 months of mini-retreats (schedule below)

  • 3 1:1 calls with Rachel

  • Practices, meditations, and journal prompts for going deeper and creating real change

  • Voxer Group to maintain deeper connections to the rest of the group, and to ask your questions and receive support between sessions.

  • Gift package so you'll have everything you need to fully engage

The Schedule

Welcome Call

October 2

Module 1: Savor Your Senses

October 16

October 30

November 13 Q&A

Module 2: Savor Your Sexuality

November 27

December 11

December 12 - January 14, Integration Period and 1:1 calls

January 15 Q&A

January 16 - February 5, Integration Period and 1:1 calls

Module 3: Savor Your Spirituality

February 5

February 19

March 5 Q&A

Module 4: Savor Yourself

March 19

March 20 - April 8, Integration Period

April 9

April 10 - 29, Integration Period

April 30

Closing Circle

May 14

1:1 calls may be scheduled any time after you pay your deposit until May 15. It's recommended that one of these calls be scheduled during the Winter Integration Period as sexuality is often a topic that requires more individual support.

Option 1:
$1200 deposit
8 monthly payments of $525
($5400 total)

Option 2:
$1200 deposit
12 monthly payments of $350
($5400 total)

Savor Your Self

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