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Female Sexual Concerns and the Sultry Salvation Method

In my one on one coaching I use The Sultry Salvation Method. Now. this method isn't really about finding salvation in the traditional sense of getting to Heaven, but it's about finding salvation in this life by realizing the abundance that's available for us right now if we only opt to see it. For many people in our culture, reconnecting to the body as holy, divine, and ultimately as our soul, is a key piece of this salvific realization. Oftentimes, the people I coach can taste that this is true, but there's something stopping them from being able to fully live into it. The most common concerns I see in people I coach with vulvas are painful penetration or vaginismus, pre-orgasmic (or haven't yet experienced orgasm), or low sexual desire.

Today's post is about how to apply the 4 aspects of the sultry salvation method to these 3 common concerns Those aspects are: Developmental Spirituality, Sexology and Anatomy & Physiology, Sex-Positive Theology, and Mindful Sensuality. This intersectional approach offers something essential for people who are coming from religious backgrounds and desire more sexual freedom. You may be able to find a Spiritual Director who is conscious of spiritual development, but they're likely not specialized in Sexology. You might find a Sex Therapist who's great at Sexology and maybe Mindful Sensuality, but likely they know very little about Developmental Spirituality or Sex-Positive Theology. In the case of people with vaginismus, you might find a great pelvic floor PT, but are they really crafting a sensual practice? Or just giving you a medicalized understanding of your body? All of these parts are essential to heal. These video goes a bit more in depth about how this method would help someone with Vaginismus. If this sounds like something you'd like to explore, check out the Sultry Salvation Coaching Package and book a discovery call if it looks like a good fit.

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