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Pornography Detox

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The feeling of not having control over your actions is incredibly disempowering.  Feeling like you have to hide something from your partner or spouse is  equally disempowering.   

But, pornography doesn't haven to feel like it controls you. 


You can feel empowered to make choices around your pornography use that are right for you. 

Pornography Detox will help you with exactly that. 

I created Pornography Detox to help you identify what triggers your pornography use and help you find better solutions to feeling better.

This workbook with accompanying video introduction offers you:


  • research on compulsive sexual behavior  

  • why sex "addiction" isn't the best term to use

  • resources to help you understand your desire to use pornography

  • a process to feel free to choose whether or not to watch pornography

  •  tools to help your partner understand and support you in this journey

You deserve to feel empowered.

You deserve to have choice.

Let Pornography Detox help you get there


Your investment:



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