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Incarnational Advent

A month-long meditation

Do you want Christmas to have meaning again?

One of the hardest parts of growing in your faith is losing the meaning behind holidays.

How do you celebrate Christmas when you're not sure you believe in a wholly literal interpretation of the story of Jesus?

You want to feel like the Advent season is spiritually enriching, just like it was when you used an advent wreath growing up.


You want to have this month still be infused with spiritual importance and to use the time to feel closer to the divine…


and maybe even understand the story of Christianity and Jesus in a way that actually resonates.  

When Advent and Christmas end up feeling more like a corporate holiday rather than a spiritual celebration, it's not because something's wrong with you.  It's because you've grown spiritually and need a new understanding of Christmas.  One that recognizes that it's Christ-mas... not Jesus-mas.  And you, in your deepest self are Christ. 

What if this season was about the Incarnation.  You and Jesus and all of creation as part of the Incarnation.  


What if you took this season to experience each person and each part of Creation as Christ?


That's what Incarnational Advent offers. 

A month-long program using contemplative prayer, short readings, and video teachings to help you find meaning in Christmas this year through finding yourself (and all of creation) as part of the Divine Incarnation.  

Afterall, Jesus was trying to teach that all of us are a part of the Mystical Body of Christ...  Each of us is a part of the Divine.  Let's use Advent to have understanding become our reality.

The Details

  • 3 readings each week for Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer

  • Weekly Video lessons and reflections on the readings

  • Contemplative and Embodied Advent Calendar

  • Incarnational Intention Setting Workshop to set intentions for 2022 that are aligned with the divine

The Schedule



Intro to Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer

What is Incarnation?



You as Incarnation



Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Reflections



All Creation as Incarnation of the Divine



Incarnational Intentions Workshop



Over the 12 days of Christmas you'll work to put your Incarnational Intentions into practice


Regular Price:  $399

Your Price: $149

Frequently Asked Question

How much time will this take each week or day?  Will I have enough time?

The short answer is it's up to you.  There will be about 45-60 minutes of video content each week.  The theology/spirituality readings are 1-2 pages in length, the Biblical readings are about 10 verses, and there's a song each week as one of the "readings" and the songs are about 3 minutes long each.  Each day you'll do from 5-20 minutes of contemplative prayer after reading the readings.  So, all told it'll be 15-45 minutes a day depending on how you want to engage with the material. 

Additionally, you'll have lifetime access to this program, so if you don't get through everything you can return to the readings, practices, and videos at any point in the future.


What's the exact details of how this program works?

The foundation of this program is Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer.  If you're not familiar with those practices I'll teach them to you before we start.  But, basically they're the practice of reading a "sacred" text and reflecting on what it says to you, and then holding a phrase or word in your mind as you sit in silence for as long or as short long as you'd like. 

There are three texts for the Lectio each week.  One reading is from a theological or spiritual text; one is from the Bible, and one is a song.  I also offer short video reflections on each reading to contextualize them in an Incarnational approach to Christianity.

In addition to the readings there's also a longer video teaching each week.  Week 1 is:  What is Incarnation; Week 2 is: All Creation as Incarnation; Week 3:  You as Incarnation;   Week 4: Incarnational Intention workshop;  There are also additional reflections for Christmas Eve, and for the 12 Days of Christmas, when you'll be working to better embody your Incarnational Intentions. 

I'm in the process of deconstructing my faith and feel really triggered or angry when I think about Christianity and the Bible but wish I didn't.  Will this help me feel more at peace?

That is exactly why I made this program.  I made it because this is what I needed to hear when I was angry at the Church.  The hope is that this program can help you move from deconstructing to reconstructing in a way that feels open-minded, creative, personal, and best for you.  As with anything in spirituality:  take it at your own pace.  Skip what feels not so great and keep what feels good. 

This sounds a little heretical, but I'm also super curious... what should I do?

I’m a firm believer that what we’re attracted to is what we’re ready for… even when it feels a little scary or challenging.  The goal of this isn’t to force you to believe what I believe but to offer you space, readings, reflections, and practices to help deepen your own spirituality.  But, you’re an adult, and you can opt out of anything that doesn’t feel like it will serve you.

If you're attracted to this, but feel unsure, consider doing the VIP option so you have access to me to discuss whatever is coming up for you in the process.  Having space to talk about both what feels interesting and what feels challenging is so helpful as you grow on your spiritual journey.

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