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Bouquet of Flowers

Embodiment Festival

A 3-day Retreat to connect to your body, senses, and spirit - Your SELF

June 21-23 2pm ET

(replays below)

The Body is Holy

The Body is Divine

The Body is Soul

Our religions and our society often try to convince us that our minds and souls are superior to our bodies.  That our senses, pleasure, and physical needs are what take us away from the Divine...  


That belief is a lie.  Our bodies are who we are.  Our bodies are how was are.  Our bodies are why we are. 

This summer soltice, take a few days to reinvigorate your relationship to your body, in order to rediscover your soul. 

We'll take a journey looking at our past relationship with our bodies and souls, then we'll work to remove shame from our bodies, and finally we'll explore how to experience spiritually-enriched embodiment.

Day 1

Evolving the Senses:  Your Spiritual and Sensual History

In this workshop we'll explore your spiritual and sensual history to see where there are connections and disconnections.

Day 2

3 Keys to Releasing Sexual Shame

In this workshops we'll explore what shame really is, how to move through it, and how to trust you're growing spiritually.

Day 3

Finding God in Our Bodies:  Contemplative Movement

We'll start by discussing ways to find God in our bodies, and then have a chance to experience that through contemplative movement

Day 1 Replay

Day 2 Replay

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