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And God Said it Was Good

8 Weeks to Claim Spiritual Growth and Sexual Freedom

If you're anything like the people I know who grew up in the Church, you probably came to point where you felt like the God you'd been taught about didn't approve of you having a sexuality.

Somehow, this God who incarnated and became a human doesn't like the fact that you have a body very much.  And the Church definitely doesn't like the fact that your genitals are part of your body.  And dare I mention, the Church does not approve that this part of you gives you pleasure.  

But somewhere else inside of you there's another voice...  Small as it may be.  This voice is saying something else.  This voice believes your body is good.  Your pleasure is good.  Your sexuality is good.  And here's the secret:  This voice is sacred.

Do you want to believe this second voice?


Do you want to release shame, guilt, or discomfort you have around your sexuality as a result of being raised Catholic or Christian?


Do you want to gain freedom and confidence in the bedroom--whether with yourself or with your partner?


Do you want to feel at peace masturbating--and maybe even use it as prayer?


Do you want to know for yourself that sexuality is sacred and good?


Do you want to embrace a sex positive approach to theology? 

If so....

This course is crafted especially for you.  

Welcome to:  And God Said it Was Good

An 8-week course crafted to help you

Find Sexual Freedom


Spiritual Growth

Even if you're no longer religious, it's often our underlying assumptions about the God we do or do not believe in that impacts our ability to feel free in our sexuality.

This course provides a playground of sorts to safely explore and discover your sexuality and reimagine a God who looks at your sexuality and says:


It is Good

After this course you will:


  • Feel confident knowing what you want sexually.

  • Have the freedom to embrace your sexual desires fearlessly and without guilt alone or with a partner.

  • Discover a sex positive sexual theology that allows you to know that God really does look at you and say, “This is my beloved creation with whom I am well pleased” even when you’re experiencing sexual pleasure.

  • Explore tools allow you to remove the sexual shame that may be limiting your relationship to your body and sexuality.

  • Develop a mindset of learning and exploration in your spiritual and sexual life that allows you to continue to grow, even after this 8 week course.



And God Said It Was Good includes:

  • A deep dive into your unique sexual DNA (your anatomy & physiology, your desires, your turn-ons etc)

  • A more expansive and sex positive Christian theology

  • Tools to help you find a more helpful understanding of God and the Church to allow you to let go of the teachings that are limiting your relationship to your body and sexuality.

  • Finally: You’ll work to find connections between your sexuality and your relationship to God/Spirituality.


Each week's module contains three parts:

  • Video Lectures on Sexual Theology, Spirituality, and Sexology (what people think, feel, and do sexually, as well as anatomy and physiology)

  • Self-Reflection Journal Exercises

  • Physical Practices to embody what you’ve learned

Are you ready to know And God Said it Was Good?

Course Outline

Week 1:
Getting Ready

In this week’s unit we assess where we are and what we hope to accomplish, make sure we know how to use the technology and commit to setting aside the time to do the work necessary for these 8-weeks to be a success.

Week 2:
Context of Church

Take a deeper look into your sexual history, the stories you’ve been told about sexuality and how you’ve either taken them to heart or rejected them.  We learn some of the basics about what documents frame the conversation about sexuality in the Church.

Week 3:
Eros and  Desire

We learn about the concept of what Eros really is, how it’s been misconstrued in Christian circles as sinful, and start the process of discovering your own sexual DNA.

Week 4:
Redefining Church

Find new ways of imagining your role in the Church in order to  find the freedom and courage to potentially disagree.  This leads to the freedom to claim who you are as a sexual being.  

Week 5:
Reframing Shame

Letting go of shame is essential to embracing your sexuality.  Learn about what shame is, and how to engage with your big or small bits of shame to find more freedom in sex and life.

Week 6:
Claiming your Desires

Learn about the psychology of arousal and then make that personal by identifying and claiming your desires--not only as sexy but as sacred.

Week 7:
Have Sexual Freedom and stay Spiritual

Gathering wisdom and practices from a variety of spiritual traditions we delve into creating your own ritual to find your sexual freedom and connect it to you spiritual life.

Week 8:
Practice Makes Perfect

Setting you up for life-long growth by ensuring you have the extra resources to take whatever next steps are best for you.



You receive lifetime access to the 8-week Course at one of 3 pricing tiers depending on your financial circumstances.

Tier 1: $300 (I am comfortable...)

consider this price if you are comfortably able to meet all of your basic needs (housing, food, transportation); if you have some debt but it does not keep you from meeting your basic needs; if you have access to savings and health care; can afford to take an annual vacation; own your home or rent a high-end property.

Tier 2: $225 (I have enough...)

consider this price if you may stress about finances but always are able to meet your basic needs (food, housing, transportation); if you have access to healthcare, and may have some savings; you buy mostly new things, but sometimes thrift; can take a vacation annually or every few years without financial burden.

Tier 3:  $150 (I am a student...)

consider this price if you are un/underemployed; if you are a student; if your debt sometimes prevents you from meeting basic needs; rarely buy new items because you cannot afford them.  (If this cost is still too high, email me as a limited number of scholarships are available)

These descriptions are adjusted from The Green Bottle by

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really Catholic?

-- Or --

Where do you land on the spectrum of Conservative to Progressive Catholic?

I was baptized, confirmed, and married in the Catholic Church.  My relationship to the Catholic Church is somewhat complicated--I imagine yours might be as well.  I believe in Jesus as God incarnate. I believe in the Mystical Body of Christ as the truth of humanity’s ultimate unity with each other and with God.  I can say the Nicene and Apostles’ creed with authenticity, some skepticism, and trust (or faith) in the wisdom of the Tradition. To me, that confirms my Catholic and Christian Identity.


All that said, I do not believe that the teaching branch of the Church is infallible.  I believe they have dismissed important aspects of sexology (the study of what people think, feel, and do sexuality) much to the detriment to the LGBTQ+ community, as well as heterosexual, cis-gendered individuals.  I am committed to ensuring that at least some area of the Church incorporates accurate sexology into theology so that all people can experience their sexuality as graced by God, and have a community of faith that celebrates their sexuality alongside them.  


I will not simply be sharing the teachings of Humanae Vitae and The Theology of the Body, though I am familiar with them, and believe that no document can be 100% inaccurate.  I’m all for using what’s available in the Tradition to craft a more caring and sexologically accurate theology of sexuality that can be readily applied to our lives and relationships in psychologically and spiritually enriching ways.  


If you either want to only stay within the confines of Magisterial teachings, this is not for you.  If you want to throw away every teaching the Church has ever said, this is not for you. If you believe that Catholics aren’t Christian, this is not for you.  


However, if you want help to parse through the Tradition, learn more about sexology, and discover for yourself where the Tradition, Science, your Experience, and Scripture can align to help you find God’s grace in your body--then I am totally your girl, and let’s go on this journey together!

Do you have a refund policy? 

While I'm certain that this program will provide immense value, if you feel like it didn't help you on your path at all, I'd be happy to provide you with a refund.  To be reimbursed you must provide proof that you engaged fully with the course material.  This proof will be answers to journal questions, as well as written reflections on the practices.  You will only be reimbursed for the value of the online course portion of the program you purchased ($549).  I cannot reimburse you for my time on a group or individual coaching session.  And, as the increase in cost with payment plans mostly pays for transaction fees I will not reimburse you the additional cost associated with a payment plan.    

I have another question not answered here.

Email me!  I'd love to answer any and all questions you have about this program to ensue it's the perfect fit for you right now.  

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