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3 Keys to Releasing Sexual Shame

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Welcome to the 3 Keys to Releasing Sexual Shame!  I'm so excited that you've trusted me to be on this journey with you.  This is not an easy task and the fact that you're here means you're already half way there!

Watch video class below and then work through the PDF workbook provided.  

Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or insights. I cannot wait to hear about your successes!

Here's your workbook!  Click the PDF icon to the right and it will automatically download.  

As you do this work remember to be gentle with yourself.  Resistance, fear, and even some guilt can sprout up.  I want you to remember, you're not alone! 


You are doing important spiritual work and you are growing closer to God by taking the time to appreciate your sexuality--the sexuality God created you with. 

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